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Why Stronger Bonds With Your Accountant Help With Business Planning

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Regular communication is an important part of providing the best client service as well as building a strong relationship. It’s also important to the success of our business as much as it is to your business.

When you hire a tax preparer you are looking for services beyond just tax prep; you are looking for an adviser who can help you succeed and reach your goals.

July is our favorite time in the year to renew and refresh your tax strategy, we establish conversations we ask you, our valued Client, how revenue has been for the year, how much have you billed year-to-date and how the billings compare to the same period in previous year, and if we maintain your books, we will reach out to you with these answers and further insights that may be in blind spot for you.

We also talk a lot about benefit plans, and if you qualify, we usually recommend that you put some money into a SEP IRA before the end of the year in order to reduce your taxes.

We also advise you to buying any new equipment before year's end. It's a good move to save taxes; you never know what next year is going to look like.

Other topics of discussion might include making sure that you, as a business owner, pay yourself a salary that is considered to be “reasonable” under IRS guidelines, whether you can defer income or billings in order to reduce your tax liability, and deferring income or billings to the following year. Even if you are an individual tax payer, you still can benefit from a conversation with your preparers during the year - not only at tax time.

We might talk with an individual about possibly paying two year’s worth of property taxes, or an extra mortgage payment, in order to reduce their tax liability!

Strong customer relationship is one of the most important parts of our business, not only because it helps us ensure accurate reporting but also because it ensures that you know what it takes to help you succeed financially and beyond!

Let's have a conversation!

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