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Online Retailers

MAK Bookkeeping does your Bookkeeping and accounting! 

You take care of your online store!

After finally curating the trendiest online merchandise, designing the perfect product, finalizing all the paperwork with the manufacturer, taking care of the logistics, calculating the best competitive price which will set you on the path to success, you realize you have to prepare financial statements, track inventory amounts, set up and pay sales tax, create invoices, pay bills, and even more harder work?

Take a break!

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Meet your dedicated account manager!

You might be just starting your business or switching from an existing system, either way, it's an easy process. Your dedicated bookkeeper will take care of setting you up. You will be communicating with the same manager. Our managers are well versed in accounting and online retailers in specific. 


Get on the cloud, paperless and integrated!

You might have received paper receipts, and you probably keep physical merchandise, but that doesn't mean that it should be all this way, after all, you are selling online. We will connect your bank accounts, credit card accounts, inventory systems and make sure you have visibility into what's going on in your books as often as you need to. 


Let's have another conversation!

Let's talk about the numbers! We will give you additional insight into what might make them better for you! We are business experts at heart and we have a very professional network of seasoned experts in all aspects needed to make a business successful!

Why should you work with us?


Empathetic & Team Oriented


The numbers have to add up accurately. So much is dependent on that. We are experienced and we can deliver error-free reports that make you and your team, third-party providers, and vendors happy. 

We are with you and your success is ours- we keep that in mind and that's the catalyst to your success and ours. We understand what it takes to run a business and we want to make that easier, more efficient, profitable and enjoyable. We got your back!

This is the cherry on top and we have a basket of it! We are business pros, consultants and advisers that enjoy seeing your business flourish, so we will make sure you know what's going right, and what's going wrong. 


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