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MAK Bookkeeping, Inc.



Our Mission is: To utilize advanced technologies, accounting business tools, and frameworks to empower aspiring small business owners and entrepreneurs. Our Vision is: To make bookkeeping and accounting more valuable for small businesses and entrepreneurs Our Values are: Challenge the status quo. Empower business owners. Demonstrate empathy to people while making calculated decisions enhancing the greater good of communities.


MAK Bookkeeping is a Chicago based accounting and business consulting company with more than 10 years of experience. We have a passion for streamlining operations, building businesses, and strategizing innovation. We specialize in small-middle size businesses.

Our Team:


Marwan Al Kinj, MBA


Marwan is constantly coming up with new ideas and innovative solutions to what seem like tough problems. With extensive experience working on accounting and financial systems of different sizes, scopes, and industries, he developed strategic thinking abilities that help build businesses, empower humans and streamline operations. With innovative solutions and modern technologies, Marwan enjoys creative business and financial model designing, planning, and implementing as he keeps keen senses on all other strategic perspectives and goals of his Clients.

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